Benefits of HBOT

Dr. Stella Parks

Every single cell in our body needs oxygen to function, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is one of the best tools for optimizing your health. It actually does more for the person’s overall wellness, and future wellness, then taking any kind of medication.

Ten Benefits of HBOT


Neovascularization is the healing and rebuilding of our capillary (tiny blood vessel) network. Longer-term HBOT can help our body rebuild new capillaries, allowing our body to oxygenate inflamed or injured areas even after hyperbaric sessions are complete.

Increased perfusion

Perfusion is the circulation of blood through your body. By increasing the pressure and amount of oxygen around our bodies with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it increases our capacity to circulate oxygen to our body/tissues, increasing the amount of oxygen our body is able to absorb.

White blood cell function

White blood cells use oxygen as fuel to fight infections. When we increase blood oxygen levels in our body, we give our white blood cells more fuel to work with, and in turn are better able to fight infections and heal.

Nerve healing

Nerves require a huge amount of oxygen to function. When a nerve is damaged, there is normally damaged circulation in the area. HBOT repairs microcirculation around damaged nerves, bringing more oxygen to the nerve and carrying away waste as the nerve heals.

Wound healing

One of the most common uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is to help heal wounds. In the case of both chronic and acute wounds, HBOT raises the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood and tissues of your body, lowers the risk of infection, activates wound healing factors, and increases circulation of stem cells, all of which help the body heal and close a wound.

Stem cell release

Longer-term use of HBOT can increase the release and mobilization of stem cells to roughly eight times what our body is able to mobilize without HBOT. After twenty+ hours of HBOT, our body begins a process of releasing stem cells both from bone marrow and in our nervous system to heal, regenerate, or renew.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, particularly at a higher pressure, can lead to vasoconstriction (the narrowing of blood vessels). Vasoconstriction can help reduce swelling and edema in injured areas of the body while still bringing more oxygen to the area, thanks to an increase in blood oxygen saturation from HBOT.

Mitochondrial healing

Mitochondria are the part of cells that produce the energy necessary for each cell to function properly, and play an important piece of both healing from and preventing chronic illness. HBOT exposes your body to more oxygen and the mitochondria in your body make use of that oxygen surplus by becoming bigger and more efficient.


There are certain chemicals in our body called cytokines and some of them are anti-inflammatory while others are inflammatory. Many chronic illnesses will show a higher body concentration of inflammatory cytokines. Studies of HBOT have shown that it can help balance and regulate inflammatory/anti-inflammatory cytokine production in our bodies, helping lower inflammation.


Our bodies carry more bacteria, living in and on us, than we have cells in our body. These bacteria affect our immune system, digestion, and our gut-brain communication. HBOT helps keep the good microbes happy while killing bad microbes by increasing oxygen levels in the body.

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