HBOT for Surgical Recovery

One of the most powerful tools in getting better quickly, you should check out Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for surgical recovery. Under normal conditions, oxygen molecules are transported via your red blood cells. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows your body to take in up to 1200 times more oxygen throughout the body than it would in a normal environment, greatly speeding the healing process.

Dr. Stella Park

​​Oxygen is normally carried through capillaries, but during surgery, capillaries can get cut and damaged. So in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the oxygen is actually pushed into the plasma. The plasma carries this oxygen to the damaged tissues much more efficiently than the damaged capillaries. Oxygen is a powerful nutrient, and it allows for those tissues to get the nutrients they need so they can heal. This reduces swelling, bruising, the chance of scarring, and overall pain.

How HBOT helps surgical recovery:

Reduces Scar Tissue:

Hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the tissue) is a common side effect of surgical incisions. This lack of oxygen prevents us from effectively producing collagen, which our bodies use to heal wounds smoothly. HBOT sessions infuse your tissues with oxygen, allowing your body to produce an ample supply of collagen necessary for a clean recovery.

Reduces Inflammation:

One of the main challenges of a quick recovery from surgery is keeping the swelling down at the surgical site. HBOT reduces inflammation because it inhibits the cytokine response, which is an integral part of the inflammatory process.

Accelerates healing:

HBOT significantly increases Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in wounds. NO accelerates the stimulation of angiogenesis, granulation tissue formation, epidermal migration, collagen deposition, and microvascular homeostasis, all components of complete and successful wound healing.

Reduces post-surgical pain:

Postoperative pain is often caused by nerve irritation due to inflammation. HBOT reduces this inflammation, thereby reducing the sensitivity of nerve receptors. Less pain also helps patients sleep better, which generally translates into a faster recovery.

Benefits from increased oxygen include:

Reduced Swelling

Reduced Discoloration

Reduced chance of wound reopening

Increased growth of new blood vessels

Increased collagen

I had been told about the severe pain I would be in after my shoulder replacement surgery. Thanks to your hyperbaric chamber and excellent care, I was practically pain free. You and your staff were very helpful and courteous to my every need. Thank you to you and your staff!

– Jamie D., Lewes, DE

Pre Operative Surgical Recovery Information

Should I do a preoperative session? 

While receiving HBOT for your postsurgical care is important, there are also significant benefits to coming in for preoperative sessions. Oxygenating your body’s tissues prior to surgery puts your body in the best condition to handle the trauma of surgery.

Post Operative Surgical Recovery Information

Should I do a postoperative session? 

HBOT has been shown to be a powerful treatment for rapid and successful surgical recovery. With a multitude of benefits, starting HBOT directly after your procedure helps facilitate the best healing outcome.

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